Zivame: The Start-up Story to Inspire You


Women have been subjected to judgment and criticisms since time immemorial. Even the most basic rights are considered taboo for them no matter how far they conquer the world with their capabilities. A similar instance is an embarrassment and unwanted attention that they are made to encounter for buying lingerie. Lewd remarks from the opposite sex and a demeaning set of comments leave women agitated about their own lingerie needs. When Richa Kar, the Founder, and Co-owner of Zivame, realized a stringent need to help women\ break out of this taboo, it dawned on her to create this bold initiative of launching a women’s lingerie platform. Go on to unleash the inspiring start-up story of Zivame as we introduce you to the driving forces behind the company’s stunning success. 

 Richa Kar- The Avant-garde Of Zivame

Zivame: The Start-up Story to Inspire YouRicha was born in Jamshedpur and completed her education from India’s top colleges, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NSIMS.) She also went on to work in the IT sector for a few years. Later, Richa also served Spencer and SAP, where she received innumerable retail experience to enable her start-up journey. While working with one of the Indian Lingerie industries, she realized the vulnerability of our country’s customer service. Understanding the intensity of how apprehensive lingerie was considered a piece of intimate clothing also began to dawn on her during this time. Thus, she was determined to break out of this taboo with a vision to create her online lingerie platform. The unavailability of cup sizes and the absence of female executives further fostered her courage to do the same. But the only challenge that stood facing her was to convince her family members into transforming her vision into reality. 

During an interview, she stated how her family compelled her to rethink the lingerie line like every other Indian family. As a result, she had to face constant judgments and undergo paramount discomfort that made her struggle thoroughly during her initial days. But her undying zest and determination helped Richa break out of this problem and emerge a successful entrepreneur soon after. That is when she created her online lingerie store, Zivame in the year 2011 with her husband. 

 The Evolution Of One Of India’s Biggest Lingerie Store 

Zivame: The Start-up Story to Inspire You

In recent days, Richa did not have enough resources or funding for its growth and advancement. As a result, she borrowed Rs.35Lakhs from friends and family members to kickstart her Zivame journey. The team’s initial focus was on creating cup sizes and keeping them in large availability so that women could buy their preferred cup sizes without any inconvenience. They even drew focus towards quality and comprehensive packaging that helped attract prospective buyers in no time. Thus, the brand utilized all the funds in developing, manufacturing, and selling the products. 

 What is most astounding is that the company managed to bag a client in just 5 hours of their opening in 2011. Soon, they also bagged incredible investors that helped them raise $9million for the beginner-level venture. Slowly, the brand team started evolving and grew up to 200 members in the next three years. In no time, Richa received multiple awards for her successful initiative in intimate wear for women that helped her skyrocket the business more vivaciously. Gradually, her family members also began to realize Kar’s determination and bestowed their support too. That was when challenges began to take a backseat while success took over the steering swiftly. 

 Here are the various measures the brand took to stand:

  1. Hired a team of diligent executors and logistics resources to back up the website. 
  2. Created fitting salons in select locations for ideal lingerie trials. 
  3. Excellent content marketing to interact with the audience about women’s lingerie problems and more. 
  4. Availing a comprehensive variety of intimate clothing that offers comfort and style. 
  5. Offered discreet packaging to offer utmost convenience to women buyers. 

A Ground-breaking Brand That Prolongs To Inspire People

Zivame: The Start-up Story to Inspire You

Today, Zivame has become one of India’s leading lingerie platforms, offering more than 5000 styles, 50 brands, and 100 sizes. The wide range of lingerie products includes activewear, lingerie, and more. The top-notch quality of products and impeccable style make the company stand out amidst all its competitors. In just seven years, the company has capably achieved 5 million visitors monthly, and the numbers continue to grow with each passing day. With intelligent products, advanced technology, and talented employees, the company is on the verge of turning into an evergreen brand right away. Zivame has also partnered with Vani Kola, Founder of Indo-US Venture Partners, to expand its funding voyage. The relationship between Kola and Kar continues to remain intact to this day. 

 Zivame was also planning to expand its stores from 35 to 60 by the Fiscal year of 2020. Thus, they were expecting revenue of Rs.250Crore for the same. This lingerie market’s total market size reaches about $2.7billion and was hoping to cross $3billion in the Fiscal year of 2020. So, the brand is all set to function by its strategic plans and follow the streamlined approach for tremendous growth in the long run. Even in the covid era, they continue to hold thousands of lingerie wear to women across the country and differentiate themselves like never before. The unmatched zest and passion for reaching new heights persist in helping Zivame achieve its goals daily. 

The Bottom Line 

Richa Kar and her husband, Kapil Karekar, have put forth an array of initiatives to transform Zivame into the leading lingerie platform today. The firm’s affordable services, reliable products, and unconventional objectives make Zivame a pioneer in Indian entrepreneurship. Without a doubt, the company has a long way to go and mountains to conquer. We wish Richa Kar and her beloved husband the very best for their future endeavors towards Zivame and thank them for their influential success that continues to inspire millions of us even today. We are sure that they will soar to new heights instantly and improvise their omnichannel strategy in the years to come. Kudos to you all! 


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