Ways To Conduct Social Media Audits In Just 30 Minutes

Social Media Audit

Everyone knows how powerful social media has been over the years. It is a platform that has helped businesses to reach their specific audiences.

However, one thing that we have come across is that it is pretty expensive. Additionally, it is essential to conduct regular audits to ensure that your business reaches the right people.

Think how the situation will be if your company is targeting the wrong customers? Considering that, there is no possibility that you can see any growth in your organization.

We have come across many businesses making this mistake, so they fail to stay on the top trends. Henceforth, a social media audit is a suitable way to determine if your firm is reaching the right audiences. It provides an overview of where you stand and the necessary steps that will help in getting the right section of people.

Here is a checklist that offers an overview of the types of audits and what they include.

Social Media Audit: Facebook

Facebook collects a wealth of information on different pages and presents them in a single place. You will get all of these on The Facebook Business Suite. It provides valuable information on the company’s Page and your advertisement accounts on that Page. We would request all our readers to take a look to find out on Facebook social media audit. 

Business Page Facebook Audit

It provides states immediately on reach, likes, and engagement levels. You can pick the past seven days, today, the last 28 days, and yesterday to filter the results. Again, press on the arrow on the left-hand side to get a proper breakdown of the exceptionally performing blogs and articles.

Audit On Recent Social Media Posts

It shows which type of content is generating the maximum reach and interaction. With that, you can return to your spreadsheet and provide all the information. It goes as follows:

  • Updating Spreadsheets: We have prepared a sheet to include new followers acquired newly. It also contains details on the increase in interaction and which specific material has worked the best.

About Statistics

To find statistics, you have to go through insights that will report all Pages you have run. While auditing, when you pick a single page, it will direct to an overview.

Just click on results to find the number of people you have reached. It gives information on the people you have reached on another social media platform, Instagram. Other information that you get here are:

  •       The proportion of women to men who follow your Page
  •       Every age group proportions
  •       Additional sites they like
  •       Which cities and nations do a majority of followers follow?

With that, you must advertise every target group uniquely and note down the age group, gender, location, and other ardent supporters. It helps in customizing content in the future.

After performing the audit, you have sufficient information that will help in understanding what audiences to target. You can also evaluate how the content will perform.

The Next Social Media Audit: Twitter

Twitter auditing is a favorite method of earning attention, and we have asked many companies to collect information by visiting the Ads Manager. To start, you must proceed to the Analytics and pick on the tweet activity. There are tweet impressions, engagement, and many other things.

Set The Page As Per Your Requirements

This social media platform is kind enough to give a handy graph with the necessary information for the last 28 days. It can be set to last seven days.

To find out the most popular tweets, you can proceed to the top tweets page. It provides results depending on impressions and interaction.

Did you come across any tweets that have been performing better than others? Depending on that, a few questions to ask are:

Do you have an idea of your fans?

For that, click on audience insights and analytics menu and click on followers are ones chosen. You can see an overview with many tabs, like consumer purchasing habits, gender, interests, etc.

Pick On Other Options To Learn More About Your Audiences 

Click on demographics to get all details. Throughout the entire process, you will find that the entire process is simple and remarkable. By proceeding to lifestyle, consumer behaviors, mobile footprint pages, you can find out more details. All this information will help in finding out how your Twitter page has been doing.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have discussed the social media auditing process for Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully, these steps will help you target the right audience. By collecting the necessary information, you can make necessary changes on your Page, including more blogs and articles on topics that your readers should go through, etc.


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