Top 7 Female Owned Social Enterprises

Female Owned Social Enterprises

With much more women entrepreneurship than ever before in the Country, women stated “ being more socially centered than their male colleagues, the workplace environment has changed. So many women-owned social enterprises are emerging than ever, which might help vulnerable individuals and infants, enhance sustainability and assist us all in reaching our maximum potential. 

There are many great examples of these businesses, but today we will be talking about seven female-owned social enterprises.

Let’s take a look at these enterprises.

  • The Fifth Season

The founder/owner, Julie Loppi, thinks that women should have access to all the best things in life- even luxury items. She started her company with this idea as an inspiration and has grown it into a successful online boutique where women can buy high-quality products worldwide.

  • The Empowered Woman Project

TWP is a social enterprise that Mandy Rayner started in March 2018. The idea behind this project was to provide opportunities for women in developing countries to start their businesses. They offer training and support, and access to microcredit loans so that these women can create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

  • Miss Macaroon

The founder of Miss Macaroon, Rosie Ginday began to fund her university tuition and has turned into a multimillion-dollar operation. Miss Macaroon intends to re-employ long-term underemployed young folks. Lone parents, ex-offenders, people with learning disabilities, mental issues, or people who are facing discriminatory practices are all included. This organization offers the required skills to start a business and goes as far as to provide adequate assistance. 

It offers a 10-week catering training program customized to the person’s specific needs. This contains a work friend, a psychotherapist, and just a mentor who works side by side; it’s 18-35-year-old all through the curriculum, and a role model who remains available for six months just after the course concludes.

As per the team, 45 percent of those who completed the course are now in task, coaching, or training, but also up to 100 percent believe they have learned the abilities and expertise required to thrive.

  • The Aide Trust

The Aide Trust, led by Seffie Wells, is yet another trophy-winning social enterprise gaining traction. It offers guidance and support to parents who’ve already fled domestic violence while also protecting vulnerable infants through existing measures. Approximately 240,000-963,000 kids are vulnerable to domestic abuse every year, most of whom are newborns.”

To expire, the founder had also received over twenty honors for her attempts, and she proceeds to release new initiatives, such as customized products to help infants’ brain abilities. By donating to this UK-registered charity, humans can safeguard the bodies and minds of coming generations and make the world a better place.

  • Ethical Hour

Nobody does it nicer than Sian Conway-Wood, owner of Ethical Hour, whenever it comes to generating a green environment for everyone. The organization’s extensive group of specialists intends to assist businesses that want to make a significant difference globally, rather than go through all the movements and concentrate on producing more profit. She’s by now made a name for herself as a highly motivated woman entrepreneur during the few years that she’ll be seen in business. 

This would include being named UK Icon of the Year 2020. The company offers a cost-effective membership scheme that assists change-makers in connecting, obtaining the microloans they require, supporting charities and ethical brands, and being a better world.

  • Think For The Future (TFTF)

Self-belief and fortitude are essential in achieving our maximum potential as children and adolescents. As a result, Cherie White, an enthusiastic socially-driven entrepreneur, planned to form the nonprofit organization Thinks For the Future in 2012, which goes into school systems across the UK and allows young people to conquer emotional and social obstacles to education so that their expertise isn’t squandered. 

Unlike many other institutions of this sort, they employ an advanced, data-driven strategy that has aided thousands of kids and persists in yielding positive results.

  • NextDrop

Anu Sridharan founded NextDrop with such a simple goal in mind: “we want to solve the world’s largest water problems.” Anu observed how innovation was incorporated into people’s daily lives and pursued it in urban settlements. As a result, the company started using real-time data to guide people about monitoring water services, such as if a pipeline had also been broken or the precise time of source on a provided day. All of this through a simple SMS demonstrates this basic endeavor’s efficacy.

The Bottom Line

There are several great social enterprises led by women doing incredible work. From providing opportunities for marginalized groups to empowering young girls, these organizations make a real difference in the world. If you’re looking to get involved with a social enterprise or just want to learn more about what they do, these five should be at the top of your list.

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