The Secret To Promoting Content Via Email

how to promote content via email

The world of email marketing is constantly changing. With the emergence of new technologies like smartphones and tablets, people spend less time on their computers. Email campaigns have to be more creative than ever before to capture readers’ attention. Here are seven ways you can promote content via email so that it gets opened and read!

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Use Lead Magnets In Your Emails

Lead magnets are a great way to get people interested in your content while also giving them something valuable immediately that they don’t have to wait for or search around for on your site. Whether it’s free training videos, eBooks, white papers, templates, or other helpful resources – you’re going to be able to hook more visitors with this tactic than any additional marketing effort without even trying hard!

2. Creative Mailings Can Help You Improve Your Podcasting

how to promote content vis email

There are a few ways that marketers have found success promoting their content through email marketing: creative mailings can help you improve your podcasting, increase the number of people who subscribe to future podcasts, create excitement about upcoming releases, etc. As more than 50% of internet users rely on email for communications from companies they purchase goods or services from, this is one way that marketers should take advantage of when trying to promote content via email.

3. Effective Email Sequences Can Help You Increase Webinar Participation

The first thing you should do is optimize the subject line of your emails. Your goal with an email campaign should be to get people to open, click-through, and sign up for your webinar. To maximize clicks and time spent on site, always include phrases such as “Webinar” or “Register Now” in your subject lines. If it catches their attention, they will most likely take a look inside the message instead of deleting it right away.

4. Use Your Most Popular Infographics To Transform Your Emails

If you’ve been using infographics to help promote your content, then this is for you. Infographic outreach still has a place in the industry when done right. Research shows it can be one of the most effective ways to get attention from reporters and bloggers alike. It doesn’t take much effort on your part either, as long as you’re doing it correctly.

5. Include The Infographic With Every Email Blast 

how to promote content vis email

  • Send an exclusive preview link just before publishing time (before sending out press releases).
  • Share more about how readers will benefit by reading the blog post at each stage of its development.
  • Add some personality or humor by inserting captions under the infographic to show readers that you’re on their side and want them to succeed.

6. Use Quizzes In Your Emails To Make Them More Engaging

Quizzes work well for getting people to click through. They can be used as a reward for an email subscriber completing their free trial or survey (e.g., “Hey, you! Welcome back to our list! Here’s your prize: _____). Or they can be used in conjunction with lead magnets—a quiz that matches the topic of the offer being promoted will raise curiosity and clicks from potential buyers. 

Use questions at the end of emails that prompt engagement by asking readers what they think about something or want to learn more about it. This is also a great way to start conversations with subscribers who are inactive responders on social media channels like Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messages.” 

7. Increasing The Reach Of Your Blog Articles Via Email

There is an art to promoting content via email. If you are giving your readers a chance to subscribe and provide their contact details, then it makes sense that the more they like what they see or read, the greater the chances of clicking through on one of those links in emails sent by you. But this can only happen if there is a level of interest in the content that is being sent. 

If you are sending out emails to subscribers who haven’t opted-in, then it’s not only annoying but also ineffective as people will usually unsubscribe. So make sure your readers know what they are getting and can opt out if they change their mind or don’t want further updates from you! 

The Bottom Line

An email is a powerful tool for reaching your audiences and driving engagement, traffic, and conversions across the entire web. This post will teach you how to leverage this broadly-used marketing channel to promote content effectively online. There are tons of reasons why promoting blog posts with emails should be part of any business’s digital marketing strategy – but what makes it even more valuable is that every business already has an email list they can start using today!


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