The Key to Successful Amazon Ads


Amazon has a record of selling 100 million products in hours. There are high chances that this surge in sales has happened due to Amazon ads. You might be thinking that investing in Amazon ads might involve a lot of money, but if you know how to run Amazon ads, you will be able to get a 4x return on your investment.

Let me explain it to you more elaborately.

Survey speaks that, on average, a user spends less than 10 minutes on Amazon. So if your product is deep below in the search results, you won’t even catch the customer’s eye. No one has the time to read the product review and description of every product on the search results. We have jobs, commitments, kids, and the hustling life to attend to. So unless you run how to run Amazon ads that you will not be able to reap profits. Amazon ads allow companies to display their products on the top of the search results, and you can reap the return on your investment with increased sales and have a list of potentially loyal customers.

Learning how to run Amazon ads and using the ads effectively cuts down your waiting time to make your products noticed. If you jump from the end of the search result page to the top of the search result page, your consumers will probably see your products before leaving the window. 

More noticing means more Amazon sales. 

More Amazon sales mean more revenue.

Types of Amazon Advertising

Before learning how to run Amazon ads let’s get to know the ways in which companies use Amazon ads to get seen and noticed right now.

  • Sponsored Product Amazon Ads

These ads highlight only one product of your company. It appears on the top of the search results page and the top of the search bar. Amazon customers will notice the ad before anything else. If the screen is small, the ad is all they will see for a while.

  • Sponsored Brand Amazon Ads

Sponsored brands and sponsored products often act together. You have now sponsored ads to allow you to feature more than one item from your product catalog. It appears at the top of the search bar. There is a difference between sponsored product and brand ads of Amazon with the other type of ads. The former appears on the website of Amazon while you search for something, and the latter, also known as display ads, appear on websites owned or affiliated with Amazon. For example, many bloggers earn money from Amazon by renting space on their websites to Amazon. How do they do it? They either plug in the product links with their blog posts or run the ads alongside the text.

  • Sponsored Display Amazon ads

If the ads of a particular product lying on your cart follow you from one website to another, you have experienced sponsored display ads. It might not seem very pleasant, but it boosts the sales to a great extent. More than 70%v viewers of such ads shop by clicking on it. These ads feature your one product on every website Amazon owns or has a relation.

  • Lock Screen Ads

Amazon also allows companies and businesses to publish ads on Kindle e-readers and tablets.

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

How To Run Amazon Ads?

  • Use Amazon’s Sponsored Brands To Create Brand Awareness

    The Key to Successful Amazon Ads

Sponsored Brand ads are perfect for top-of-the-funnel advertising, especially when paired with branded searches or category keywords. Use sponsored ads to build your brand recognition by sending clicks to your storefront and products listing page.

  • Use Amazon Sponsored Products For Category-specific Ads

You can use the Product Attribute Targeting for showcasing your aads along with the top-rated products of a similar genre. Using Product Attribute Testing under Sponsored products to show your ads to shoppers who are considering purchasing a similar product might boost your potential sales. Initially, the shoppers might not engage in buying your product, but they will recognize the brand and remember it. Sponsored Products are the most preferred advertising option and are used by 29% of buyers.

  • Keep Your Advertising Cost Of Sale (Acos) Goal Flexible

What is ACoS? It is the ratio of your ad spend to the revenue you earn. The lower the costs, the better – but is it? The trick is to have an effective ACoS that is going to push your sales up. Now how do you determine it? Suppose you are introducing a product you should aim for a higher Asos for a short while. If you are trying to generate ongoing profits from a product, a lower ACos will be fine. For manual campaigns, you get ACoS on a product level, while it is on a group level for automated campaigns.

  • Use Negative Vital Words To Save Your Pay Per Click

    The Key to Successful Amazon Ads

The next lesson under how to run Amazon ads is to use negative keywords like in google ads. Negative keywords are words that you should exclude from the larger keyword search to ensure that your product doesn’t rank under the wrong search terms. Suppose you sell speakers of up to Rs.2000, so you will want to rank under the search list of ‘speakers’ but not under the list of ‘Bose speakers.’ We know that Bose speakers do not begin their pricing from Rs.2000. In this case, you should add Bose as a negative keyword. When you look to eliminate keywords, please include keywords that get a large traffic volume but have fewer conversions. In other words, don’t pay for clicks that don’t convert into sales. Make sure that your product comes under specific keywords like speakers under 5000. Ideal or regular shoppers often use detailed specifications to find the correct product. If you are in an e-commerce business, advertising your product on Amazon is essential in today’s time. The popularity and the size of Amazon are growing by the day, so is the competition to get the products listed on the top of the search page of Amazon. Thus, unless you know how to run Amazon ads, you cannot encash the maximum benefits of the app.


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