The Art Of Storytelling: How To Use It In Your Blogging Strategy?

Art Of Storytelling

Every day four million blog posts get published. By this stats, you can understand the competition among the bloggers and its importance.

The question here is: how will your blog stand out in a sea of bloggers where different topics have been covered from different angles.

Do you create a technique that follows any trend? Well, using the art of storytelling in your blogging strategy is a way to increase your views.

A large section of the crowd loves to read stories, and it is a good way to attack the reader’s pain point. If you are unaware of how to use the art of storytelling in blogging strategy, read this content.

We have collected some information and have a few years of experience that will assist you in preparing the content. Let’s check out the information first.

The Power Of A Good Story

You must have heard this phrase at a young age, “You can’t leave your table until you eat all your vegetables.” Do you remember? You got ice cream and pizza; no one has to convince you to eat.

But green leafy vegetables are something that you do not like but are healthy. Ice cream and pizza are something that you wish to have.

You must think about your blog post the same way your readers look for practical tricks and tips. That way will make their lives easier, and they can get solutions for problems quickly. Advice is something they look for, and by including a story in your blog, you can attract your audience the right way.

That’s the power of the story. Today I thought of including some information on how to start the writing process.

Tips To Use The Art Of Storytelling In Your Blog Post

·   The Opening Story

The first objective is to find out if blog posts written in s storytelling way are more successful. It has been found that over 300% more people read blog posts written in a storytelling form.

In addition, the average time also increases by five times. A good opening story will catch readers’ attention, and they will always be eager to read your blogs. To start with, you must first start with a first line to set the scene.

In the second one, find out the solution readers want to know and what happens when they do not get answers. Lastly, you must end with a question directing readers and make a smooth transition to the main body.

·   Discuss The Main Character

Tell the story just like how authors do. Also, you must exploit your personal experience to make an instant connection with people reading it. When I started this, it was my first copywriting job. Initially, I concentrated on writing the story in detail. It happened because I was unaware of how to connect with readers.

But slowly, I drew from my wealth of experience and tried to transform my emotions in a storytelling manner. Your real emotions are more likely to connect to readers in the best possible way.

·   Write From The Reader’s Perspective

While writing, you must think of human experience first and then go for a topic. Your blog has to hook readers and attract them to read the entire content. Don’t be too much on the topic as it will become boring. When I followed this technique, I preferred using anecdotes and making humans the story’s center.

Try to describe your emotions and feelings as it helps in living through your story. It enables all to connect with your story on an emotional and cognitive level.

·   Use Google To Find Out Stories

In Google, you will come across inexhaustible sources of stories, but use the right keywords to find the right one. It will generate a good amount of results which will help in attracting more and more audiences.

Suppose you have to write on failed blogs; the search process must contain stories about failed blogs.

·   Incorporate Elements Of A Good Story

To make your story good and attract the right audience, you must make it fun, entertaining, and engaging. It should connect to readers and must be relatable. After reading, they should feel like it was memorable. Your story must feature at least a character, a conflict, and a solution to it.

The Bottom Line

To satisfy the urge of a good story, writers can be weird. We have found young people learning different things to make their blogs more interesting so that you can give it a try.


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