Pee Safe – A Successful Startup That Sprouted From Personal Experience


Women’s hygiene was not a much-talked-about issue in our country, but lately, many companies have been coming up with their hygiene products to prioritize it more than ever.

Why is it essential to focus on women’s hygiene?

Good hygiene is the foundation of a healthy tomorrow. Suppose you are on holiday to rejuvenate your mind and body. But, you had to witness the lack of clean toilets on highways, towns, and even hotels. You won’t be able to make the most of your trip. Many health concerns are related to poor hygiene. Safe and clean toilets at home, workplace, or public places is something every woman should be concerned about. But for Srijana Bagaria, her husband took the extreme step and was able to find an environmentally friendly solution to the issues. Srijana Bagaria was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection after a road trip back in 2013. It led to her husband, Vikas Bagaria, researching issues of personal hygiene. Vikas was surprised to know that issues of personal hygiene in women have created a whole new market of UTI treatment drugs. He was curious to find a solution that will prevent such UTIs from contracting in the first place and allow women to “pee safe,” safeguarding their hygiene.

Pee-Safe – A Brand That Answers Women’s Hygiene Issue

Pee Safe

Vikas didn’t stop his research, along with his friend Dheeraj Jain jostled the idea of sanitation spray that creates a hygienic environment for peeing. Thus, Pee Safe was launched back in 2013. This sanitation spray can be used in toilets and washrooms to sanitize the area before peeing. So, whenever you are peeing in a public place, you can simply sanitize the area with the spray. 

“We want women to feel safer and more comfortable using public toilets with the help of Pee Safe.” – Vikas Bagaria. 

So far, the company has been able to sell five lakh units of its product both online and offline. Vikas is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman who is standing in the industry for 20 years. For him, starting a new venture and gambling with a new idea was not a challenge. Vikas is a founder of a bunch of initiatives. It all began in 1997 when he established VR Forklift, and later in 2003, he came up with SRV. He is also running a company named Safety Kart that offers a range of personal defense products like stun guns, emergency lights, pepper sprays, and more. For him, Pee Safe was more like a personal effort after watching his wife go through the pain. He decided that no other woman should be able to face the consequences of using public washrooms. He also aims to make his products available to everyone, and that’s why he has kept his products at an affordable rate. Pee Safe products are meant for everyone. As you visit Pee Safe’s site, you will see the efforts they have made to make women aware of personal hygiene. In the blog section, you will see plenty of engaging and informative blogs about female health and wellness. That’s where you should know how much Pee Safe is concerned about you.

Not Just Spray But A Whole Range of Personal Hygiene Products

Pee Safe is working on a motto to combat the health issues in our country that are increased by unhygienic conditions. Since its launch, Pee Safe has been able to introduce environment-friendly personal hygiene products for women. While they started with a Toilet Seat Sanitizer, which is still the bestselling item, Pee Safe has a wide assortment of personal hygiene products that include eco-friendly cotton tampons, sanitary napkins, panty liners, menstrual cups, breast pads, wipes/sweat pads, intimate wash and more. Every product is aimed to address a certain personal hygiene issue in women. 

Let The Revenue Do The Talking

Pee Safe

According to Vikas, Pee Safe is a household company that brings together quality and cause. His personal experience has inspired him to come up with a product that has led to starting a brand. The loyal customer base is certainly fuelling the company to bring more innovation to the table in the form of hygiene products and solutions. Vikas added that the company is getting capital support from plenty of places. Apart from the product development and other core aspects, the capital infusions will be helpful to support the needs in the fields of marketing, sales, and finance. Pee Safe products are available on a pan-India basis. You can buy them from general stores, pharmaceuticals, airports, stores across 40+ cities. Ecommerce players like Flipkart, Amazon, and Nykaa are also offering the products. The company has also launched products in off-country regions and is gradually planning to expand across the globe in the coming years. All these sales data clearly state the reach of this newly founded brand. As of June 2017, Pee Safe raised $1 million (₹6.4 crores) as Pre-Series Funding from some credible investors like Venture Catalysts Alfa Capital(Detroit, Rome, Mumbai, and Zunich), Govindarajan Parhasarathy(Former CEO, FreeCharge), Amit Choudhary (Motilal Oswal Private Equity). Other global companies like SafeSeat in Australia and Lizol in the US offer similar products. But Pee Safe is determined enough to cut through the competition with its eco-friendly approach. Vikas also indicated that their offline tie-up with the P&G distribution network was a reason they placed over 5000+ stores in a month. While the team was hesitant to share the revenue figures, Vikas said that every unit of Pee Safe sold adds more money to the team. Vikas said that they are investing in marketing their products on a global basis in order to take this cause to the next level. 

The Bottom Line

What started as an initiative to find a solution to preventing urinary tract infections due to public toilets has now resulted in a well-funded startup. Vikas has proven that you can achieve things that seem like a challenge with the right intention, motive, and efforts. Pee Safe is a successful startup that has proven its prowess in the market by gaining customer loyalty and adequate funding from the industry.


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