How to Write a Cold Email That Gets Results

How to Write a Cold Email

A cold email is one step away from driving the much-needed conversion or landing up in the trash box. Now, which way it goes depends on the way you write and present the email. Your target audience gets a ton of such emails on a daily basis. So, why would they open yours instead of others? What can set your email apart from the others? Here are the tips to write a cold email that will answer both of these questions for you. 

Edit the email ‘from’ line

The ‘from’ line has a crucial role to play in the body of a cold email. The message recipient gets to know about you from that line. Think of this as the first impression on the recipient. Following this, they can either open your message to read it or send it straight to the trash to forget it. 

Given below are the most useful form lines that you can go with: 

  • First name (Amy) 
  • First name and last name (Amy V) 
  • First name and last name, title (Amy V, Head of Marketing) 
  • First name and company name (Amy at 
  • First name and last name with company name (Amy V at 

Make the subject line intriguing

The subject line is the key to unlock the door to your message. Your prospect forms his first impression of you while going through the subject line. Thus, you need to make an effort to deliver the best subject line. 

Poorly written subject lines might make the prospect biased against you and your emails. They may not think of opening your email or mark it as spam that causes issues with the deliverability of your email. Consider the kind of benefit the subject line assures to your prospects. What will they get by opening the email? 

A clever email introduction to seal the deal

If you have persuaded your prospects from the ‘from’ line and the subject line to open the message, half of your work is done. Now, you have exactly three seconds to capture their attention and get them to read beyond the initial two lines. This is why you need an interesting introduction. 

An introduction should not be longer than three sentences. It is not meant to introduce you or your company to your prospect. Rather, it has to refer to the recipient, their achievements, expertise, work, and so on. That’s the way to capture their attention. 

Propose certain values in the pitch

Now, here is the part where you tell the recipient about the things you want them to do – the so-called sales pitch. And how would you write a good sales pitch for a cold email? 

Keep in mind that you are not supposed to discuss product features. Also, do not write about all the values you provide. You need to highlight all the benefits that your prospect might get from it. It is important to be absolutely specific because vaguely mentioning anything will dilute the message. 

End the email with a strong call-to-action

You are nearly done. You will have to write the kind of call to action that persuades the prospects to act as you want them to after reading your email. You might ask them to give you feedback, reply to the email, and schedule a Skype conversation, and so on. 

Do not ask for anything more – a fast response might work much better than your invitation for thirty-minute-long calls. You need to start small even if you gradually send them an invite for a call. The first email you send them should not be about placing a long video or voice call. 

Polish the signature for your cold email

Your signature is not something to be ignored. It is also a part of your message and you simply cannot ignore the signature. It tells your recipients about who you are, and they can find more details about you through it.  

A well-made signature helps to shorten your email body and make sure that the message is more digestible and memorable


With these six tips at your fingertips, you will find it much easier to write a cold email that works. So, go ahead and start drafting it straight away!


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