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In today’s world – especially during the coronavirus pandemic – the internet has become a modern-day shopping platform. Online delivery has played a pivotal part in terms of the delivery of goods and products. Logistics is an emerging industry that has given various opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to explore this new arena. One of the entrepreneurs is Mr. Narender Tiwari. 

Mr. Tiwari, founder of Courier Cart – which is the new Online Courier Shipping Service Company in India – provides extensive pickup and delivery services of customers’ product packages across the country at your doorstep. No matter what your profession is, whether you are a retailer, shop owner, businessman, student, housewife, etc., you can avail of the benefit provided by Courier Cart. Send your parcel from anywhere at economical prices.

Holding a graduation degree in Commerce from Delhi University, Mr Narender Tiwari has worked with several known companies. He started his career with the logistics industry Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT) in the year 2005. Mr Tiwari has also worked with Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Delhivery, Bluedart, Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Ltd and other reputed companies. In his 15 years of industry experience, he has perfected his field knowledge.

The Shipaxis Courier Cart Private Limited Company owns Courier Cart. The company registered itself in June 2020. The company has gained recognition and certification under the Startup India scheme by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. 

Services Provided By Courier Cart

How To Run A Successful Logistics Startup/CompanyGone are the days of traditional courier service, which requires you to post the documents or packages by going to the nearest office. Courier Cart has made the process commodious by providing pickup services from your home or office so that you get a hassle-free experience. 

To book your appointment with Courier Cart, go to their website and fill in some mandatory details. And that’s nearly it.

For Regular Services: Delivery within 24 hours in the City

And For Business Customers, Courier Cart provides the following modes:

  • B2C Services AIR
  • B2C Services SFC
  • B2B Services AIR
  • B2B Services SFC

Idea And Inspiration For Starting Courier Cart

How To Run A Successful Logistics Startup/CompanyIndia is one of the most prominent courier network organizations yet lacks updated services that provide the pickup service from your home. And during the lockdown phase, this service became the need of the hour. In such a scenario, when people had to send something important, they were facing many difficulties. 

This was when Mr Tiwari realized that the country needs a courier service that provides pickup service from home and gets everything done conveniently. After discussing the matter with his colleagues – Mr Akash Khurana, Mr Sukhveer Bhutoy, Mr Mukesh Sharma, Mr Subir Bhattacharya & Mr Hari Shankar – the idea behind Courier Cart was successfully thought and executed. 

Courier Cart allows you to book a service through their web page. People can conveniently send any urgent documents, parcel, medicines, furniture, etc., to a different city. You can also get the items delivered wherever you want at just the click of a button and a very economical cost.

Factors Which Makes Courier Cart Different from Other Courier Companies

Currently, the customer base of the start is customer-to-customer (C2C). As of now, they are executing a plan with their business associates. Their future expansion plans include upgrading their customer base to business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B).

They consider it a very thoughtful step and allow people to do self-business and reduce unemployment in the country. 

First-Step Towards Courier Cart

How To Run A Successful Logistics Startup/CompanyMr Tiwari tells how his personal experience encouraged him to come up with the idea that will solve an issue and benefit many people.

India’s logistics industry’s shortcoming first drew Mr Tiwari’s attention when during the initial day’s lockdown in March 2020, his sister had to transfer some urgent documents. But the lockdown restricted her to go anywhere for posting the documents. Being stuck in Mumbai, Mr Tiwari couldn’t do anything. 

He eventually realized that one of his acquaintances had to send their father some medicines but failed to courier due to the restricted movement.

These are just a few examples of what was happening in the nation during the beginning of the lockdown period whenever someone had to courier something.

While he was thinking of starting an online courier company, the idea to provide pickup services and same-day delivery within the city struck his mind.

The aims were to remove the struggle of finding a courier centre, cut down the travelling to get the items posted, and provide the pickup services from peoples’ homes. It took some time for this idea to convert into a real thought. Since then, the founders have been working on different aspects of executing the concept, including technicalities, company size, process analysis, planning, further execution, etc. When it comes to investment, the founders used their savings to fund their idea.

The company is currently functioning at its initial stage. Although there has been a massive competition, they are confident that their dedication and passion for serving the peoples’ needs with the right idea and ability to give the best will help Courier Cart succeed. And since they belong to the Courier & Logistics industry, they are aware of the customers’ grievances and are dedicated to providing solutions.

With proper planning and execution and the knowledge and experience that Mr Tiwari and other co-founders have in the logistics industry, they are optimistic about the future.

Future Plans Of Courier Cart

How To Run A Successful Logistics Startup/CompanyMr Tiwari says that if everything worked out the way they had planned, then Courier Cart will have its presence in every corner of India and employ at least five lakh people.

A Piece Of Advice For Entrepreneurs

Mr Tiwari advises all startup enthusiasts that to be successful in one’s respective business, the entrepreneurs must focus on detailed planning and proper execution of their idea and set future goals. They shall then divide those goals and work on them individually for better results. And the decisive part is to have patience. Give your business some time, and see the outcome.


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