Future Scope Of Digital Marketing In India


About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing takes place through mediums like the Internet, search engines, social media, websites, blogs and vlogs, and applications. It is the fastest-growing niche of marketing, surpassing all marketing platforms, and will soon become the primary marketing form.

Digital Marketing is a marketing product or services method by digital channels to communicate the message to consumers. 

With the coronavirus pandemic’s advent, everything has shifted to digital, from ordering groceries and vegetables to leasing furniture or people becoming influencers. According to the statistics, today, nearly 59% of the world’s population utilizes the Internet. About two years ago, it was 40%. So, one can imagine the rate at which people are using the Internet to do almost everything.

Future Of Digital Marketing In India

Future Scope Of Digital Marketing In IndiaIndia has one of the most significant users of the Internet in the world. By 2025, India will have approximately 974.86 million internet users. The Digital Marketing sector is worth $68 billion and is growing at a 40% growth rate. With the rise in users and organizations adopting digital marketing, job roles and opportunities will only advance.

So, let’s see the scope of digital marketing in India in different sectors:

  • Scope For Business

Businesses in the country realize the potential of digital marketing. Many invest in digital marketing to have an online presence and sell their product and services to customers. Digital marketing is affordable as businesses have control over the budget. Businesses can accurately target campaigns with measurable results.

  • Scope For Jobs/Career

In 2017, the sector created close to 8 lakhs jobs in just one-quarter of digital marketing growth. This sector was steady during the pandemic due and expected to create more jobs in the upcoming years.

Digital marketing has many different features like technology, social media, marketing, finance, copy, design, and business development. Therefore, most of the positions in digital marketing also pay well.

Career Options

Future Scope Of Digital Marketing In IndiaThe digital marketing industry has innumerable career opportunities. They cover a spectrum of skills so that you can choose from a wide variety of jobs.

Many private institutions and universities have also begun offering courses and degrees that focus on different aspects. 

Following are some of their career areas in digital marketing –

  • SEO 

SEO or Search Engine Optimizer is one of the key professions in digital marketing. They aim to optimize websites and drive relevant traffic to the websites. Businesses who want their digital marketing to be at the top invest in skilled SEO professionals as their work ensures relevant traffic and organic leads.

  • SEM/PPC Specialist

The Search Engine Marketing/Pay-Per-Click Specialist manages the marketing and advertising strategy for the search engine. These professionals use pure mediums to improve website ranking and run pay-per-click ads on the search engine. These professionals are in high demand.

  • SMM

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has emerged as another solid digital marketing platform. An SMM specialist is the person who handles everything from strategy to execution of marketing and advertising on social media platforms. Businesses realize that social media is a platform to retain their customers and sell to them.

  • SMO

SMO or Social Media Optimizer is in charge of handling business social media pages and creating a strategy to increase followers and make a positive impression on all social media platforms. An SMO needs to have an excellent understanding of social media as it is where people show their true nature, and human nature is unpredictable. It’s a real challenge to get people to follow a business. 

  • Content Writer/Copywriter

Writing is what honestly communicates the message. Therefore, digital marketing needs content and copywriters who can write great content and copy used in digital marketing mediums like websites and ads. If you can communicate in more than one language, that’s great as digital marketing progresses into marketing in regional languages.

  • Content Manager

The content manager has a say in marketing and social media strategies. They work closely with all the professions involved in digital marketing and manage the content department. The content you create needs to be of excellent quality.

  • Website Designer/Graphics Designer

Companies prefer a professional who can handle both responsibilities. The designer creates posts used for marketing content, ads, social media posts, and design for graphics. As website designers, they have to design websites according to the latest trends as a website is an influential sales point, and all campaigns bring users to the website.

  • Website Developer

A website is a company’s chief salesman. Most activities done on the digital platform are to bring the appropriate users onto a website where they can get information and make up their minds regarding the company’s product or service. Therefore, the website needs to be good. To be a website developer, you need to be good with web development languages like HTML, CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP. 

  • UI/UX Designer

UI and UX or User Interface and User Experience is the professional in charge of designing and developing a website from start to finish regarding its experience. They have to judge how the website works as a whole and how it delivers on marketing. They also look into other online marketing tools.

  • Digital Marketing Analyst

The main job of a digital marketing analyst is to analyze every aspect involved in the marketing campaign. From the copy and designs used in the campaign to execute strategies and the results, they have to analyze everything and provide a roadmap to improve marketing campaigns.

The digital marketing analyst is an expert position and is one of the highest-paid positions in digital marketing.

  • Influencer

Influencers have many fans and followers on their social media pages. They use this follower-base to market products to create brand value and sales for the product. Influencers also get opportunities to work in the radio, television, or film industry.

Perks Of Digital Marketing

Future Scope Of Digital Marketing In IndiaNew technologies, apps, and devices are changing the way we market to consumers today. Know the importance of digital marketing in different areas as given below –

  • For Business

  • Digital marketing uses technologically advanced mechanisms for marketing.
  • The potent of campaigns can be measured and optimized.
  • No geographical barrier and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional media.
  • For Students

  • One of the fastest rising streams of education amongst emerging technologies.
  • Digital marketing courses are available in all the top universities and institutes.

Kick-Start Career In Digital Marketing

Future Scope Of Digital Marketing In IndiaHere’s how to start a career in digital marketing:

  1. Formal Education

  • Many institutions are offering full-fledged digital marketing courses.
  • Students are getting digital marketing certification courses as an add-on in their undergraduate and postgraduate education.
  1. On-The-Job

  • There are digital marketing courses that you can take and get formal training.
  • You can intern in a digital marketing position and learn on the job.

Digital marketing has immense scope in India. It has the power to help businesses grow and tap into potential customers at a fraction of the price. It provides students a chance to make creative and technical careers that pay well and have many opportunities to grow. Digital marketing will revolutionize the industry, and now is the right time to be a part of this revolution.


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