10 Testes Ways To Earn Money With Memes

Earn Money With Memes

They think memes are a pointless exercise, but they spend hours making memes on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit.

They claim you can’t make a livelihood off memes, yet Facebook earns billions off the memes you make.

But let’s be reasonable. You won’t start a new Facebook merely because you want to make money with memes. Nevertheless, there are ten various ways to profit off memes, and you might even make a career out of it.


Don’t worry; we’ll go through each strategy in detail and even show you the ten proven ways to make money with memes.

Let’s take a look at these ways.

1. Meme As A Product Enterprise Mannequin

Memes are the new product enterprise mannequin. You’ve seen it replaced by all types of memes like these. Brands also noticed this and started to sell their merchandise in the form of memes like Pepsi did with Kendall Jenner on April four, 2017. The success-proven that people love to spend money if they get an actual sincere benefit out of it or find value in purchasing branded things for some emotional connect (We have no idea about your feeling regarding this).

But here’s what we can say – Millennials got involved within the game while older generations still appear unsure about buying products represented as memes.

2. Digital Meme Merchandise

Digital meme merchandise is a relatively new but quickly growing category. The most well-known merchandising site for memes and internet culture, in general, is probably [Redbubble](/memes-redbubble). Redbubble allows you to upload your images, designs, or logos onto shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, etc. They then ship the product worldwide with an extra fee per item that goes towards printing costs. While this may seem like a lot of work, it can be done very easily. 

You could even find someone on Fiverr for designing your meme image for you or contracting out with 99 Designs to help create the artwork.

3. Meme As A Service Enterprise Mannequin

The chances are high that you have seen some of these on your social media feed; nevertheless, it can be confusing to seek out the actual correct meme. These memes might not bring in much money for their customers, but they’re a lot of fun and take a few minutes to whip up one.

4. Meme Account Monetisation

Now, you might be wondering how to make money with memes? This can be accomplished in multiple ways. One of them is by selling your meme account on Instagram or Twitter for a few bucks. You could also sell the accounts, but they must have thousands of followers and likes before it’s even worth anything. Next up on our list is advertising revenue through Reddit.

5. Meme Content material Monetisation

Memes could be used to create and sell merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and different items. This technique is also referred to as “merchandising” or merch for short. For those who have a meme with good traction, there are lots of options out there that you should utilize as an advertising device on your website or by way of social media platforms similar to Facebook and Instagram.

6. Become a part of Meme-Paying Platforms

There are a couple of sites that pay for memes. One area is called Reddit, and it’s the number one place to share your memes with other users who will vote on them, increasing their visibility within this website. Another platform is Imgur, where you can upload images anonymously or using an account, then people will comment on them if they like what you wrote or drew in your image. You could also have ads in these pictures, so there would be money generated from advertisers every time someone views your meme. 

The last way is DeviantArt, where you can earn points by uploading anything creative such as drawings, photos, videos, music tracks, etc. When writing text into these types of media, always give credit to whoever originally wrote it. Memes can also be used for marketing purposes, which is another excellent way to make money with memes.

7. Promote Your Authentic Memes As NFTs

Promote your memes as nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Many apps are now accepting NFTs. For example, on Rarebits, you can trade digital art and collectibles using ERC20 tokens – some of them being the same kind of meme graphics that you’re likely already creating! Meme Factory also accepts NFT uploads for curation purposes, which means any graphic designer with an eye for good content could be making money here too by uploading relevant images or designs to their favorite projects.

8. Open A Meme ETSY Shop

Open a meme Etsy shop and sell memes as digital prints. You can also print some of your original material onto physical products such as T-shirts, mugs, etc., or include the images on those items for sale from other shops.

9. Create A Meme Page On Instagram

Creating a meme page on Instagram is another great way to make money. Set up an account dedicated entirely to memes and start posting them every day. If you do this, your audience will overgrow, which can lead to more exposure opportunities. You could try selling merchandise related to the images or even ask brands if they would like their product featured in one of your memes.

10. Fiverr Meme Gigs

This one is a no-brainer. You can sell your memes on Fiverr for $ fiver. This could be an excellent option to explore if you have funny, relatable memes that aren’t too niche or offensive. The market here is significant, and many buyers are looking for custom meme content.

The Bottom Line

The goal of this blog post is to help you monetize your memes. If you are interested in making money with memes, then it would be wise to invest the time required to master these techniques because they can generate a lot of cash. We hope that you now know all the ways to make money with memes.


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