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The marketing efforts that occur on the world wide web are referred to as digital marketing (also called online marketing). Businesses use digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, and other websites to promote their products and connect to prospective customers. You can easily experiment with various marketing activities on a budget because digital marketing has several strategies and options associated with it. Digital marketing is more cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing and it helps you to reach a larger audience. You can engage with audiences at every stage and improve your conversion rate as well as the quality of your leads. provides you with information on various digital aspects. This website is mainly categorized into five topics: Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), Google marketing, Schema markup, and Content marketing. Some of the interesting sub-topics that you can learn from this website are as follows:

  1. A complete guide to HTTP status codes (SEO > Technical SEO): These status codes serve as a means of communication between the internet browser and a server. Status codes are divided into five classes: 100s, 200s, 300s, 400s, and 500s. Learn more about HTTP Status Codes.
  2. JavaScript and SEO (SEO > Technical SEO): Understanding the impact of JavaScript on search engine optimization is a core skill set of an SEO expert. This sub-topic is divided into four studies: working of search engines, crawling, and indexing, the effect of JavaScript on SEO, and SEO-friendly JavaScript. 
  3. Best pay per click tools for experts (Category > Pay Per Click): Get to know about PPC tools that can help you to get important insights and optimize your pay per click (PPC) campaigns. A few of the tools are SEMrush, Optimizely, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, and SpyFu. 
  4. PPC for Startups (Category > Pay Per Click): One of the best marketing channels for startups to jumpstart their online businesses is pay per click (PPC). The steps that can help startups to create effective campaigns: define your goals, choose the right keywords, analyze your competitors, track your conversions, and optimize your PPC campaigns.
  5. A simple guide to Google Search Console (Category > Google Marketing): The presence of your website in search results can be maintained and monitored with the help of Google Search Console (GSC). This is one of the free Google tools for for Digital Marketers!
  6. What is the Google Disavow tool and how to use it? (Category > Google Marketing): Learn about an important tool that can allow you to disavow low-quality backlinks during the assessment of your website. You can access the Google Disavow tool through the Google search console (GSC).
  7. All you need to know about FAQs Schema (Category > Schema Markup): In this sub-topic, you can learn about FAQs Schema and the testing of the results from its implementation. Schema is a markup system in the form of a code, that is placed on the website to make it easier for the search engine to understand its content.
  8. Schema markup types for SEO (Category > Schema Markup): Choosing the right types of schema markup provides you with more information about your web pages on the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  9. 29 content marketing tools (Category > Content Marketing): Automate and improve the performance of your content marketing strategy with the best tools listed in this sub-topic. Are you using the right tools for your content marketing strategy? Content marketing tools can help marketers to achieve reduced customer acquisition costs, better lead generation, and an increase in the number of conversions.

Expand your SEO and marketing knowledge with detailed tutorials and case studies. The content developed by the team is aimed at helping individuals and businesses get more customers. Our website is your go-to resource for the latest digital marketing news, trends, tips, and more. Stay up to date on everything digital marketing.

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