7 Ways To Boost Product Page Conversion With A Magento Mobile App

Boost Product Page Conversion With A Magento

In the year 2020, more than 50% of the global web traffic came from mobile devices. Along with creating a seamless website, companies also need to focus on developing a robust mobile app. Magento is one of the popular platforms that your mobile e-commerce app builder can leverage to build the mobile app. One of the challenges that many mobile app owners deal with is the lack of conversion. 

There are millions of apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but not every application manages to acquire the same traction. And in the article, we are highlighting some of the effective ways to increase the conversion rate on your Magento mobile app.

Faster The Load Speed, Better The Conversion

According to a report, the chances of bounce rate increases to 32% when the app’s load time reaches more than 3 seconds.

By making your app load faster, you are allowing the customers to have a seamless entry path. People leave the app if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Even a fraction of seconds can cost you many potential customers. Therefore, an eCommerce app builder should build an app that offers optimum speed. Here are some tips that will make the app load faster – 

  • Although the screen resolution is increasing, the size of the screen continues to be standard. Therefore you do not need to upload extremely high-resolution images every time.
  • A bad plugin or extension can significantly impact the speed and reliability of your mobile app. Therefore only use high-quality extensions to make your mobile app work better.
  • Every mobile app builder for e-commerce must avoid using inefficient
  • or redundant code as they can slow the loading speed of the website.

Provide Filtering Options

79% of users who do not like the results of a mobile app are likely to go and search on another app. 

In order to offer the customers a more precise and personalized search, an e-commerce app builder should focus on adding the filter option. You can allow your users to filter their search based on color, size, gender, design, price, popularity, etc. Comprehensive sorting, as well as filtering options, allows you to extend an easy customer experience. Sorting and filtering will allow users to directly access product options under the specifications that they are looking for. This eliminates the entire process of scrolling through all the products until you find the one that matches the preferences.

Streamline Your Navigation

90% of users do not use an app that does not offer good performance. 

If you want to increase your conversion rate, then your eCommerce app builder should make it easy for the users to find the information or product that they are looking for. This is where good navigation plays an important role in the success of your mobile app. The development team should ensure that the navigation works smoothly without any bugs. Try to keep the navigation clear because when it is filled with tons of options, it can result in choice paralysis among the shoppers.  Ensure that there are not too many items placed on the navigation. And each of the labels should be mentioned clearly.

Facilitate Social Media Shopping

55% of users have purchased products online post discovering them on social media.

When your products are getting the necessary exposure on social media, you should take full advantage of this opportunity. Do not wait for your customers to see your products; download the mobile app and then shop. Instead, allow them to shop directly via social media with just one click. Today everyone is advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. By including shopping through social media, you are providing easy access to your products.

Be Versatile With The Payment Options 

The global digital payment market was valued at approximately $5439 billion in 2020.

The reason behind this popularity is that people prefer the convenience of paying online rather than making cash payments. Your mobile app should provide seamless transactions, allowing shoppers to shop while on the go. To offer maximum convenience, provide your customers with a wide range of payment options like Amazon Pay, debit and credit card options, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay,  etc. 

Moreover, the mobile app builder for the e-commerce platform must also add auto-fill options to complete the billing and delivery option when creating the option. When customers do not have to add their payment information every time they shop, it increases their willingness to shop with your online store. 3D secure support, an all-encompassing payment solution, numeric keyboard, compliance with SCA and PSD2, and automatic invoicing should be the key elements of your payment system. 

Don’t Leave Behind The Abandoned Cart 

eCommerce industry loses around $18 billion in terms of sales revenue due to cart abandonment.

There will be times when your potential customer will fill in the cart and drift away without completing the purchase. In this situation, you should try your best to grab the attention of the customers and navigate them to the cart again. Creating an abandoned cart email is one way to reach out to the customers again. 

They might have abandoned the cart due to a distraction, they may have forgotten it, or they may want to gather some more information on the products before purchasing. You can email the customers to make them remember about their cart. Within the email, you can provide additional information, discounts, etc., to encourage them to complete the transaction.

Exhibit Trust Marks And Security Icons 

The World Customs Organizations reveals that 7% to 9% of global trade includes counterfeit products. 

People generally stay away from online stores that they have never heard of before because of security issues. If you have developed a new mobile app, request the eCommerce app developer to include security icons as well as trust marks. This way, users can be rest assured of accessing a safe and secure app. 

Consumers today are well aware of the online risks and take caution before shopping on an app or website. Adding security certification will help you to gain trust and increase your conversion rate. 

There you have some simple yet effective ways to improve the conversion rate of your mobile app. The mobile app builder for eCommerce should strictly focus on providing an exceptional user experience.


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