7 Reasons To Choose A Career In Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Human resources professionals are in high demand, and for good reason. The profession is a vast one that requires the ability to manage talent across an organization as well as understanding how it relates to business goals. HR management also includes providing guidance on best practices surrounding employment law and compliance. These skills make for a highly valuable asset to any company looking to grow and succeed.

Here are 7 reasons why you might want to consider a career in human resource management:

1. Earn A High Salary

Salaries for human resource professionals are high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resource managers earned a median salary of $115,940 in 2012. Human resources manager salaries vary depending on factors including experience and geographic location. Entry-level human resources professionals earned a median salary of $47,710 in 2012.

2. Professional Experience

Entry-level candidates usually have a bachelor’s degree and some work experience is preferred as well. With the right industry qualifications, you can expect to earn even more money than those with just a bachelor’s degree alone – for example, an MBA or Masters’s Degree will increase earning potential by around 30% – this figure is from Indeed Canada among other sources. Depending on your location your opportunities are likely to be great.

Usually starting out within line management before moving into HR functions where training & development would play major roles for instance if you do not already hold that qualification then it should certainly become part of your plans unless there are specific reasons why that would not be advisable.

3. Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for human resource managers should increase by about 21 percent between 2010 and 2020 with an average growth rate compared to all other occupations due mostly because organizations will need help managing their growing number of employees along with expected retirements within senior positions over the next decade again according to the BLS.

4. Work-Life Balance

Salary is not all that you will be working for in your role as a Human Resource professional – this certainly does NOT mean (in my opinion) long hours or weekends! One reason to choose HR IS satisfaction of work and balance with family life, friends, etc. Personally, I know many human resource professionals who are incredibly well-balanced people enjoying their roles rather than feeling overwhelmed by them. 

You need to manage yourself within any role so if you do find yourself overworked then take some time out before burning out completely or worse still as a result of such patterns. I think it’s important to do so and more modern HR professionals are increasingly doing just that.

5. Boost Your Career

Other than working within this field for its own benefits – one reason is the opportunity to enhance your career by gaining new skills, knowledge, and contacts on top of those you already have or may be developing currently. You can also expect promotions & transfers into senior-level roles which will further advance your experience and financial rewards over time too.

Of course, whether you choose permanent work throughout your entire career or opt to move between different industries (or both) depends on what attracts you most but either way, there should certainly be ample opportunities available across all levels with some specialisms even offering specialist certification in addition to your generalist HR qualifications.

6. Develop The People Around You

As a manager or leader in the HR field, it is your job to help others reach their full potential. This requires you to be able to identify who on your team has what skills and where they can best contribute within an organization. There are many ways that this can happen but one of them includes taking time out for coaching sessions with people directly beneath you. 

A great way to do this is by having regular check-ins with these employees each month; during these meetings don’t just ask ‘how was my performance?’ instead focus on areas where improvement can be made so everyone grows together as a team over time. Another area where developing those around you will come into play is identifying which individuals have leadership capabilities and spotting opportunities for them to get more responsibility.

7. Explore Different Industries

The beauty of human resource management is that you can work everywhere from a start-up to an established company. You could be working within a small business, a large corporation, or even the government! No matter where you choose to pursue your HR degree and go forward with your career path, there will always be room for advancement – no matter if it’s in another department or moving companies altogether.

The Bottom Line

Human resource management is a large and growing industry, as businesses continue to employ more people and need managers who can help them not only attract talent but also keep it. HRM is a viable career path for those with many different types of skills, from management experience to event planning or even just excellent communications abilities.

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