5 Ways To Understand Your Audience And Over Deliver


If you want to succeed in business, it’s essential to understand your customers. When you know what they need and how much they’re willing to spend, then you can deliver the most value possible for them and make more money in the process. In this blog post, we will cover five ways to help you understand your audience so that you can over-deliver on their needs and have a greater chance of success.

Let’s take a look at these ways.

Which Platform Would Be Best For Me To Work On?

We know that there are several platforms out there these days, so it can be tough to determine which one would work best for your business. You might want to consider a few things when making this decision. Is it essential for you to have a mobile-optimized site? Do you want one that has more features than others like blogging, shopping carts, and event calendars? Will your customers by using their smartphones or computers most often to view the website? 

If so, WordPress would likely be best since they offer all of these options with themes specifically designed for both devices. If not, and if the text is primarily what’s being viewed on them instead of images or videos, then Tumblr might be better because there are no design limitations whatsoever in terms of how visitors can experience content through scrolling down a screen at a time. 

What Calls To Action Are Working?

We all know that content is king. It’s vital to understand what types of posts are performing well, so you can keep producing and promoting them. But there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for determining the perfect post type or frequency; your audience may be different from other companies on social media. But, there are some broad trends below that you can consider.

  • Headlines with short phrases increased shares by 55% more than those written in complete sentences.
  • Posts without an image had twice as many clicks and time on-site vs. the average post (excellent for when you don’t have photos to share).
  • Textual content performs well across the board; videos perform better than infographics or images combined but were the lowest-performing out of all media series studied.
  • The longer people stay on your site, the more likely they are to buy.

What ROI Am I Offering To My Clients?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is what ROI are you offering your client? When approaching a new project, take time to consider how it will benefit your business and organization. For example, if you’re creating content on behalf of an organization or brand looking for more followers online, think about where those potential followers might be coming from – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc. 

Be sure to meet their needs with quality content that fits them well as people who they want following them because they know exactly what kind of follower base they need to. This way, specific companies come knocking at their door after learning about the different types of exciting things happening within this company’s social media channels like personal posts, live tweeting of events, and more. 

This way, you’ll be able to over-deliver by keeping your eye on the ROI for your client instead of only focusing on the quality content.

What Kind Of Customers Am I Attracting?

Knowing your target audience is essential to understanding what they want from you. If you’re not attracting the customers that will buy your product or service, then it’s time for a change in strategy! Find out who your customer is and what their needs are – this way when you deliver on those needs, there won’t be any questions about whether or not you over-delivered.

It can help to think of it as an exchange: if someone wants something from us (whether tangible goods or intangible services), most people would probably prefer we give them more than just that one thing! Research shows that consumers value experiences much higher than physical products because they feed into emotional fulfillment. Spend some time getting clear on who these “customers” are and what would make them happy.

How Much Time Do I Need To Devote To My Products And Services?

There is no set length of time. The amount of time you spend on your products and services varies depending on what type of business you have, the size of the team working on it (if any), how much work was done before launch, etc. Suppose there are already other people involved in the development of a product or service. In that case, they may share some insight into their schedule or timeline to give us a benchmark to start from, but this will vary significantly based on project needs and requirements.

The Bottom Line

The more you know about your customer, the better off you’ll be. Whether it’s their needs or how much they’re willing to spend on a service or product, understanding them is vital for business success. In this blog post, we covered five ways to help you know your audience so that you can over-deliver on their needs and have a greater chance of success.


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