5 Tips to Amplify Your Holiday E-Commerce Sales

holiday e-commerce sales

A customer may spend the entire day shopping online, on your website, social media channels, newsletters, and gift catalogs, but opt to go to an actual store and buy it right away at the end of the day. It might also be the other way around when people go shopping in person but make their purchases online. What matters is that if you don’t get credit for the final transaction, you’ve lost a possible conversion. You’ll need to put in additional effort regardless of how many outlets you have access to boost your holiday sales. 

You didn’t expect anything for nothing, did you? So, let’s be real, Amazon, as it usually does, will take the lion’s share of this eCommerce cake. However, there is still enough to go around. So, before the 2021 Christmas shopping season begins, here are some things you can do right now to boost conversions on your website:

1. Create your holiday aims early

Embracing the Holiday period without a clear goal in mind might be a recipe for disaster. You risk squandering money, missing out on fresh possibilities, and seeing significant outcomes at best. Now is the moment to review last year’s performance to identify options for the amendment this year. Like with any successful strategy, the first step is to define specific targets based on your analysis of the upcoming season. 

While some businesses naturally focus on revenue development over the holiday period, other objectives may boost your sales long after the Christmas lights have been put away. Whatever the goals you set, make sure to follow the SMART framework (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) and get the most out of them.

2. Build a strategy that supports your goals

Once you’ve determined your trip objectives, it’s time to devise a plan to attain them. Instead of splitting your little money evenly among advertising channels, utilize your goals to choose where to spend it based on outreach to three separate viewers:

  • Existing customers.
  • Individuals who are still searching for the items you sell.
  • People who are unfamiliar with you.

It would become obvious how to deploy your ad expenditures after ranking those audiences according to your goals. This will enable you to make the most of your advertising money by allocating it to the areas that will benefit your company the most.

3. Advertisement spending by portion depending on customer behavior

The spending behavior of customers is different depending on the type of product they are buying. For example, if a customer spends $100-150 on accessories in one purchase, they might also spend that amount again to buy another accessory later. This same customer would probably not be willing to invest more money into additional products during their next visit. 

Customers who have spent over $500 with your business should be shown ads offering them free shipping for their next order placed before Christmas Day so they can avoid paying costly shipping fees and take advantage of this opportunity without thinking twice about it.

4. Holiday promotions should be used to entice larger carts

Having a new customer visit your website is only the first step. Now you must persuade them to purchase something and, preferably, to invest more than they had planned. Creating holiday bundles, consisting of related items, goods used in a series (like hair products), or a popular product paired with a new product you’d want to market, is an intelligent approach to encourage larger shopping carts.

A comparable technique would include a free present with every transaction, including a free tote bag with each yoga mat sold. These approaches enable you to deliberately urge consumers to make more significant purchases while also providing them with something of value. Lumping and giving presents with purchases are other excellent strategies to increase holiday sales without incurring substantial discounts.

5. Stay engaged; stay flexible

Lastly, companies must remain involved throughout a possibly tumultuous buying season. The holidays are not the time to schedule your advertising and then forget about them till after the holidays are over. Instead, be ready to adjust your advertising budget if something isn’t working well or even double down on a winning tactic. If you’re falling short of your targets, you will need to boost your ad budget. 

Paying close attention to your ad accounts over the Holiday period, evaluating success toward your targets, and possibly making tricky decisions when required are all part of adaptability. You’ll get the best potential to succeed if you remain interested and adaptable.

The Bottom Line

E-commerce sales continue to grow and are projected for double-digit growth year over year. With the holiday shopping season being so important, there are some basic things you can do to help boost your eCommerce conversions this time of year with little effort. We hope that this article helps you amplify your holiday e-commerce sales.


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