4 tips that will help you capture more leads on your website

tips to capture more leads

The process of lead generation tends to feel like throwing spaghetti at your wall – you can only hope they will stick. Are you struggling to enhance lead quality and volume? Well, you are not the only one facing this issue. And the good news is that there are ways to help you get more leads on the website. So, here are a few tips that will help in increasing good quality lead capture on the site. 

1. Start creating great content

Good website content helps to nurture lead relationships by making shoppers click through web forms, emails, and site pages. The incremental opt-in offers better details regarding the lead while letting them have a relationship with the brand, raise the comfort level, and make a purchase. Your new content can come as discounts and deals, how-to articles, case studies, customer testimonials, and so on. 

How to know whether the content is good? Review all the data to know the pages that are attracting or deterring people. All the analytical details suggest opportunities for updating present content to look more appealing (i.e., pages with high bounce rates) or include additional content (on the popular pages) for persuading website visitors to remain there. 

So, dig through all the data to get your unbiased opinion regarding the direction that your content needs to take. 

2. Try to drive more web traffic

Getting more traffic to the website increase the chances of getting more leads. However, you need to ensure that you bring the right visitors to the site. So, try to create a profile of your customer by articulating their goals and challenges. Your content is the key in this case. 

The targeted content drives the right kind of traffic to the website. Thus, it is a good idea to share the content on social networks, websites, newsletters, and other such marketing communications that help in engaging and informing the customers and keeping them hooked on your website. 

Leverage paid advertisements on the channels regularly used by the customers to promote your content. Also, use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the website, and go for keyword research keeping your ideal customer in mind. Your customers would rather use simple search terms, rather than fancy tech jargon. 

Additionally, you need to remember to analyze the results. When you analyze content pieces or keywords that generate more leads compared to others, you get a complete profile of the ideal customer. You can then use similar content for persuading the customers to click once again. 

3. Get the value propositions right

You get exactly seven seconds to let the visitor know and appreciate the unique benefits of your organization before they leave the page while taking the lead information. Develop a targeted, persuasive, and clear value proposition as the most crucial aspect of the lead generation procedure. 

The value proposition helps in articulating what you are able to do for the customers and the reason why they would care. It emphasizes different aspects that set the services or products apart from your competitors. It’s the reason why leads would want to look at the website and give up their details. 

4. Try to keep it as obvious as you can

Does the landing page mention clear actions that visitors are able to take, such as leading them to other pages on the site? Do you know what the customers or prospects would do? The call to action utilized on your site has to clearly stand out while conveying a feeling of urgency.

For instance, ‘join the free webinar’ sounds more urgent than ‘register.’ Ensure it’s easier for the prospects to finish their purchases or complete the submission. If the prospects need to go through multiple pages to reach the end destination, they would simply leave the form due to frustration. You will get great results when you combine all the steps right from the initiation to the final form submission. 

The bottom line

Successful strategies of lead capturing help in persuading visitors to take a closer look at the website and hopefully, go and sign up for the newsletters or download the white paper. It lets you collect critical information for nurturing new leads towards future purchases.


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