11 Best Instant Loan App In India 2021 For Quick Loan Approval

instant loan app in 2021

There are many loan apps in India but choosing the right one is not easy. That’s why we have compiled a list of the 11 best instant loan apps in India for quick approval. The following list contains only the most reliable and trustworthy lenders that offer low financing rates to their customers. This blog post will help you choose an app based on your needs, whether it be fast cash or long-term loans with monthly installments. Read this article before applying for any kind of credit card.

1. MoneyTap Instant Loan App

The MoneyTap app is an instant loan application for small business owners or individuals looking to get approval on loans in just three hours. It was launched by the SBI (State Bank of India) Group and Ripple Labs Inc., which are working together to solve problems with transaction speed, transparency, cost efficiency, etc.

2. India Lends Instant Loan App

India Lends is a new app-based lending platform. It is for those who have a job and a bank account, but do not have enough savings to avail loans from banks or NBFCs. This instant loan app enables you to get the funds within 24 hours of applying for it.

India Lends Instant Loan App India Lends has been launched by IIT Delhi alumni along with ex-bankers – Alok Mittal (Flipkart), Raghav Bahl( Quintype), and Prabhat Agarwal (Mai Health Care).

3. KreditBee Instant Loan App

KreditBee is the best instant loan app when it comes to quick approval of loans.  With KreditBee you can apply for an instant personal loan in less than a minute by completing the application process online without having to attend any physical bank branch or ATM.

4. Kreditzy Personal Loan App

Kreditzy is an instant personal loan app, offers loans within minutes to individuals who are in need of urgent funds.  It uses a simple process that ensures your application gets approved without any hassle. It allows you to borrow up to INR 15 Lakhs at the lowest interest rates online with quick processing time. You can avail of their service via phone call or using their website platform for applying for this type of loan.

5. NIRA Personal Loan App

NIRA Personal Loan App is a new generation app for instant loan approval. The working of NIRA personal loans application is pretty simple and easy to use. In this article, we will discuss how you can get instant cash from the NIRA Personal Loans Application in just five minutes? Also, check out their comparison with other online lenders before applying them on your phone.

6. Money View Personal Loan App

Money View is a personal loan app that offers instant cash for salaried individuals. This app is an initiative from ICICI Bank to give quick access to credit scores and loans with social benefits also being offered on the platform. With this application, applicants can easily transfer their existing bank balance into one installment-free account within seconds under his/her control.

7. Smart Coin Personal Loan App

Smart Coin Personal Loan App is one of the best instant loan app in India. It offers a quick loan approval process and requires less documentation than traditional bank loans. For a Smart coin personal loan, you need to fill a simple online application form and get an instant approval for your short-term loans. 

You can borrow up to INR 25000-INR 1000000 through smart coin personal Loans against gold ornaments or any other valuable assets at a low interest rate within no time.

8. RapidRupee Instant Loan App

RapidRupee is one of the fast and easy loan application providers in India. They offer loans to all customers at a very low rate of interest, which makes it extremely attractive for those looking for an instant loan.

9. mPokket App for Instant Loan

mPokket is one of the best instant loan apps in India. With mPokket, you can get a quick and easy personal loan approval within minutes without any paperwork required. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to automate every step of the process which makes it much simpler than other platforms for applying for online loans.

10. InstaRupee Loan App

The InstaRupee is one of India’s best lender apps for instant loans. It provides quick loan approval with just a few steps within 30 minutes & you will get the money transferred into your bank account. The app has no credit check involved, so even if you have a bad credit history or CCJs on your profile, it can still approve your loan without any hassle.

11. uuCash Instant Loan App

uuCash is an online service that provides users with cash loans in a few minutes. It offers cash credit to all those who are looking for instant money without having much paperwork involved. It has currently started its services throughout India and will soon be available at more locations throughout India. 

This application helps you to avail of loans within no time as it gives short-term payday loans, long-term installment loans, salary advance loans & many other options based on your requirement.

The Bottom Line

The instant loan app is becoming the inevitable need of time. We can say that it has become a necessity for everyone these days to own an instant money transaction facility in their hand, which can be used at any given point in time. You can make use of the above-mentioned loan apps for quick loan approval.


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